Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Time flies

and how.... Gabdu's bro golu is now 4 yrs old and Gabdu herslf a 7 year old big sis ! Golu goes to Jr KG and Gabdu now all grown up and going to class 2 . Time flies and things change and yet there is so much happening. There are no concrete milestones to cross and yet every moment there is a new thing learnt and a little more traversed on the path of life ! Life's changed and how .. After Gadbu I did unthinkables like quitting and being a full time mommy. Then just as I settled in fully into the role , after a 5 year break, I am back into the corporate world, albeit part time , but back. Actually its been a year since I am back and I am enjoying being a part time worker and full time mommy ( I guess even when u work full time, you can never be a part time mommy). And the kids have adjusted and adjusted well without any issues to smoothen ...
Ah ! So glad I could get back. I always claimed to one and all that I can get back to work anytime but not to seeing my children grow when really tiny ..A small corner of my mind had a doubt as to whether it will happen and now that it has it does not seem that difficult !
Anyways so I am back to the corporate world and also to blogging, so anyone who is hearing , wish me luck !

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Gabdu is now 4.5 and her bro Golu turning 15 mnths old soon. I have been missing in action but really need to document all the interesting stuff that the kids do and say and so here I am hoping to stay and update regularly
Gabdu and papa came up with the topic of volleyball for some reason and so Gabdu asks what is Volleyball and papa is thrilled to explain hoping his daugther is finally showing some interest in sports. So he explains- volleyball is played with players of two teams throwing the ball from one side of the net to the other.And before he could get into a deeper explanation of number of players, techniques etc, she interrupts with .. papa it shud have been throwing the ball across the Wall na .. why is there a net? Papas bewildered expression prompted her to elaborate.. Net hai to Netball and Wall ho tho Wall-e-ball :))

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Little thoughts and questions

Well back after quite a while... but could not but help thinking how I would miss out on remembering all the little things she says unless I actually put them down...
a) She was playing with the doctor set with patti and suddenly she found the scissors and became a barber and was pretending to cut pattis hair. So as we sat down for dinner she asks .. Mumma jaise Teacher ka student hota hai aur doctor ka patient waise barber ka kya hota hai?It took me a while to grasp what she was saying ...and to find the answer !! Barber ka cilent I had to say ...
b) Looking down from our window she spotted the quasi-slums and turned to me and asked "Mamma wo log aise bahar kyon rehte hain?Unke pas humare jaisa ghar kyon nahin hain?" I had to say wo thode poor hain aur unke pass thoda kam paisa hai isiliye ... so she then asks me "Aur phir hum kyon rehte hain achhe ghar mein"?
c) Went to Shriyas place and they assembled the tent for the kids ... Tanvi was not there when Shriyas mum took the tent pieces out from the almirah. So when Tanvi saw the tent she asks " Aunty where did you take it out from". She pointed to the small shelf from where she had taken the pieces. So Tanvi looks at the shelf again thoughtfully and asks "Show me how will it fit there?Wapis daal ke dikhao. Ye tho itna bada hai"
d) Speaking to Maria ... and she was saying how Roshini descibed the tikka on the hair that some kids wore to school on traditional day. "It was a sleeping line with a triangle at the bottom " . Tanvi was not with me when this conversation happened so out of curiosity I asked her if any kids wore anything on their head she said yes ..the boys wore a standing line with the oval at the end . I guess she was talking abt the feathers they wore as krishnas. I found it extremely amusing that the kids had such desciptions of things in terms they had been taught at school!!

There are sooooo many more things but will update after a while

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sunny days

Well, so now that sunny days are here Gabdu, Mamma does not take you downstairs in the heat even if say you have a holiday at school simply because it seems too hot on some days.. So today after returning from a field trip when you said "Mamma Neeche Chalein" .. I told you "Nahin Beta bahut dhoop ho rahi hai" .. and then as an afterthought to ensure she does not protest unnecessarily next time if need to go out in the sun with her, I added a sort of disclaimer.."Jaa sakte hain hum dhoop mein lekin Cap pehen ke" .. so pat came the reply " Mamma Bal (Hair) not enough? Only Bal pehen ke nahin jaa sakte?" Kids come up with the most interesting stuff don't they?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Mr Fix it

Yesterday, you begged me for "5 min - i will watch tv for 5 mins mamma" .. Well thats my fault really cause when I heat your food and you seem cranky because of hunger or bored for any reason, to keep you out of the kitchen( i am a hyper mommy - what if the tongs to reheat rotis fall on u accidentally, what if the hot dal katori slips from my hands - so well I try and keep you out of the kitchen when only you and me at home), I say " Beta why don't u watch mickey/stanley or whatever on disney channel for 5 mins " And the rule is "No tv while eating " so technically you get to see tv for 5-10 mins every 2-3 days . So anyways you said this and so as you were neither cranky nor bored, I tried to reason with you so that you could do puzzles to keep yourself occupied while I heated food for our lunch. So I said "Gabdu, Aapki aankhen kharab ho jayengi tv dekhne se .." and gave 2 seconds for u to digest that and said " to ab to aapko tv nahin dekhna na?" You said "Dekhna hai" so I asked " Phir aapki aankhen?" and you say" Koi baat nahin Mamma, Wo tho papa fix kar denge " !!! Again I guess because to postpone fixing ur toys or putting fresh batteries in noisy electronic toys, I typically say " Papa aayenge - fix kardenge " so... I guess its all my doing anyways !!

Also, the other day we were going thru your playschool activity book and there were questions like
Who flies the plane?
You say - Pilot
Who drives the truck
You say -Truck driver
Who Drives the car ?
Pat comes the reply - "Papa"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


You are a lot into pretend play and role reversals these days .. I mean its always been a favorite for a long time -may be more a year or so but now its very pronounced and often amazes me. Often it helps me see exactly how I speak to you and how it comes across to you ...So we often have these role reversals where Mamma becomes Papa, Papa becomes Gabdu and Gabdu becomes Mamma .. Your favorite role is playing Mamma as Mamma tries to discipline you, control you etc etc so its best to show her how it is to be on the other side by making her Gabdu :-)))
And you can come up with interesting observations and imaginary stories .. like looking at a hole in papas tee-shirt when he was putting you to sleep and saying " Papa aap ka shirt phat gaya kya .. Mamma ne pull kiya kya ? Koi Baat nahin, mein aap ke liye market se naya le kar aaoongi ok? theek hai?"
My God ! Mamma ne pull kiya kya ? wonder where that came from ! Sheer imagination !
Also you bring info from friends at school and add your own imagination -like " Arnav Malaysia gaya ...mere liye chocolate lene gaya .. lekar aa gaya" with only the part abt Arnav going to Malaysia being true!
Need to write a detailed post on the pretend play you do and stuff you come up with..


Gabdu, you have decided to come up with some or the other song for most stuff we talk to you abt - esp bollywood songs and esp when you are on the pot :-)
Few notable and funny ones have been
a) When Mamma says lets go downstairs Gabdu, you say "Go Jhonny go go go"
b) The other day Patti was mentioning " I went to Judge an elocution competition"- and though you took a fraction of a second in trying to find the word "Judge" in ur mental dictionary, you suddenly started with "A-A-Ashiqui mein teri J-J-Jayegi Jaan meri" ... It took us a second to figure out what made u sing that song and once we did we could hardly stop laughing
c) In Pooja auntys car when we were on our way to drop Arshu.." Beta Arshu to Paari Paari Kardo"( As in give hugs and love to Arshu", you misheard it and the outcome was " Sajana ji mein to Vaari Vaari re Tu Hi to mera Sansar hai"

In case you read this later and wonder where you picked up the songs from - they are primarily from mamma who keeps singing without realising you pick up the tune and words so easily and also from the music that plays in the car when we go out on weekends !


Well, Mamma has had so much to write but somehow never got down to writing it .. was afflicted with blogstipation I guess ( Such a nice term coined by some blogger- captures mammas state very well). So I decided to feed some fodder to my thoughts to clear the blogstipation and looks like just thinking abt it helps :-)
So mamma will hopefully go on a overdrive in the next few days and write all abt stuff that you've been upto for the past 6 months ! ( God I can't believe I have not updated stuff since then esp since so much has been happening !)

Friday, April 27, 2007

I understand music

Well, Gabdu, the game we played a week back or so turned out to be full of surprises!! The game involved mamma humming a tune and you had to identify the song. Actually it was not even intended as a game. Mamma was humming "Chalo mana ganga jamuna" and you started singing the words of the song. So then we did this for abt 15 -20 songs ( Rhymes, Bollywood Music, Bhajans etc) and you identified all of them. Kids sure have an amazing sense for music as well as dance. Wonder where this disappears as we grow up !Heres hoping you continue having an inclination to music and dance just as you have right now

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sleep/Potty Training , Tooth Brushing and other updates ;-)


Been intending to post this for long but keep getting lazy. When Nanu Nani were here there were lots of milestones/changes/updates that happened - heres a quick list of the one between Jan and now

1. You dropped one of ur two naps around Jan end or so which wud be around 18-19 months. Also you have started sleeping quite easily for ur only nap which is around 1.30 pm everyday, No more rocking/feeding/coaxing/begging/crying etc etc. You usually take a 1hr nap and wake up and after that it depends on whether mamma gets lucky. You could get up again after an hr or every fifteen minutes and eventually have a total of 2 hrs of sleep in bits or sometimes its 3 hrs with breaks every 30 minutes. How I wish this wud improve too.
2. You started speaking full long sentences and using words whose meanings are a little difficult to visualize as in words like Bhi, Gussa ( which u say Bussa for some reason), Dard, Khujali etc etc.This happened again beginning of 2007
3. You started climbing the steps leading to slide finally around Jan mid. Its a major milestone because we felt we would have to keep putting u at the top forever because u showed no inclination to climb !
4. You started to eat your fruit lik grapes/apple etc mostly on own if given in a chotta plate.You started using the spoon to have dahi and some solid stuff occasionally
5. Watching Aarushi Didi you wanted to drink water Aapi aapi and so you drink comfortably off the steel tumblers without spilling. You drink water on ur own but for some reason milk drinking requires quite some coaxing if aapi aapi so we just hold the cup for you to drink.
6. Your dislike for the tooth brushing reduced as you saw aarushi didi do it every night. So its pretty much a done thing before sleep. We are yet to introduce it as regular feature for the mornings.And did I mention 4 of ur teeth ( all incisors)sprouted around 18-20 months.The molars and premolars seemed to be sprouting from the looks of swollen gums for the past 3-4 months but looks like its just our imagination 'cos it can't take that long ;-). So on last count you have got a total of 8 teeth
7.You dropped from multiple night feeds to a feeds only after 4.30 to 5 am with water sessions in between if you woke up. This happened with sleeping with Nanu Nani for abt 4-5 days just before they left ( They told you I was at office if you woke up asking for me;-)). It had improved ur sleep quite a bit till there was some reversal because you were a little sick and also because mamma was at times too tired to put u back to sleep any other way and nursing while lying down was easiest.Anyways now we have started working towards changing it and for past 4 nights you have gone without "Mamma walla Duddhu" for the night and the first after wake up feed.But then you are quite a fighter and keep asking for it and keeping us as well as urslef sleepless for long periods in the fond hope that mamma papa will eventually give in. Lets see how that goes ;-). As of now only the late evening (7.00 pm ) feed is to be dropped which is quite an achievement!! So applause for both mamma and you !!
8. You can remove ur underwear urself so depending on ur mood and if u decide to be nice to mamma you often inform me abt 'susu' and we do it on the commode which has now a smaller seat that we put for u if you need to use it.Apart from 1-2 max accidents a day we mostly do susu on that but potty is a diff challenge and you insist that u will do it in the "front room" as u call the living room and in ur panties. Hopefully this will change too

i think this covers the key updates I wanted to pen.More later


Saturday, April 14, 2007


One, two, three, four five !

Once I ate the six alive :-))

Well, I count all the time. I know till 10 in English and Hindi.I don't understand the fuss abt counting to a specific number. I know if there are more than one of anything one counts ..like while putting back my toys,taking y crayons out, when seeing pictures of say 2 dogs,picking flowers, climbing, and also before throwing the ball etc.But I like to stop whenever i feel like and not because I have counted right. Like i would say "Teen biliyaan" when there are two or I would go on till 10 if asked how many. Thats the fun of counting ... heard of random numbers? Well I pick mine and use it. Anyways till yesterday I would say one, two, three, four,five,seven, eight, nine,ten and dutifully and carefully skip the six.. always !This was for a good 3-4 months. It was good fun to see my parents wonder why I could never include six ... anyways I decided to surprise them by including six in my numbers !!

Visit to Doctor Uncle

Well, so finally mamma got over her fear of taking me the doc for vaccination of Hib booster and DPT booster which has been due for God knows how long !! The reason was primarily that Mamma got hyper abt the shape of my head after the head shaving. Well, you see she could see the contours much more clearly and so thought the bumps in certain places were weird. Also she could clearly see my anterior fontanel was not yet closed. This was after 2 months of calcium and lots of sunlight every morning, so she got worried . All the more worried after reading most fontanels close by 18 mnths !Thankfully doc said it shud close soon and the contours on my beautifully shaven head are fine :). Also finally got the vaccination done as we visited the doc again. I was quite brave. While most kids wud dread going to doctor uncle, I wanted to enter his room everytime the door to his room opened to let some other kid in. Of course I got quite suspicious when he wanted me to lie down for the vaccination. I mean its a very vulnerable position for attack right? I hate it when he asks me to lie down. Anyways mamma papa had prepared me abt the vaccination and this time around I was comfortable with the docs thick moustache too, so I got myself distracted my froggie over my head, and before I knew it the doc had vaccinated me ! I cried as it hurt a little but as soon as they let me get up, and the doc offered me 2 marie biscuits ! Can you imagine !2 MARIE BISCUITS !, I forgot all abt the pain and even smiled !And then kept repeating doctor uncle ne Guddu ko biscuit diya till we got out. This was to ensure everyone thot my mom cooks badly, does not give me these biscuits ever and that I can be conned easily. Oh what a way to turn a doc visit to be very exciting :-)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Head S(h)aved

We have finally managed to get your head shaving done this sunday ( 8th April). Papa had his haircut and thatha took you along to watch that happening and you wanted your hair cut done too ! We have sorta been preparing you abt this hair cut thingy and making it sound really exciting so I guess you really wanted to get it done. So on the next day we asked you " Barber Uncle ko bulayein aapke hair cut karne ke liye?" You said "Haan" . We asked again t reconfirm "Abhi" and you said "Haan". I guess we were very tense abt it and you were hardly bothered or even excited !!So barber uncle came at 11.20 am or so and we sat you on the bed. He tried using his white bedsheet around your neck to collect the hair but you removed it irritatedly and we were quite definite that this was going to be as harrowing a experience as your ear piercing!So I told the guy jitna hota hai kar dena baaaki chod dena. Wo zara bhi roye to stop kar dena etc etc .We had asked him to get that machine ..did not want to risk the razor !Surprisingly for the first 3/4 of the shaving you sat quite still only occasionally irritated with hair falling but brushing it off. Then when there was just 1/4th of you head with long hair and the rest cleanly shaven, you decided to move ! We thought we wud have to see you with part of your head shaved and the rest with long hair because we know that once you say no there was nthng we could do. Thankfully you did not say no- and with our timley intervention with a new CD playing on the laptop,you were ready to even stay still.So well, you were saved embrassement of having just one side shaven off :). Anyways all in all it took around may be 5-10 mins and was very quick and hassle free for all of us. I am yet to check what needs to be done with ur hair. Nani says put in the sea but Patti not very sure so we waiting for Patti to get back or may be we will just do a mini visarjan !Your first hair was smooth silky thin and curling at the ends .. lets see how the next crop is gonna be :)
After your ear piercing and the way you cry for even trying on shoes ( have not yet managed to buy shoes for you that I could try on at the shop and pick up based on ur foot size( or may be just once initially)), we did not expect it to be so peaceful. But looks like toddlers have it in them to throw surprises all the time, like screaming for the most innocuous stuff like trying on clothes,trying a shoe and then being so peaceful for a thing like a hair cut !
Anyways all said and done it was a close shave for us and for you ( not as close as razor wud have done it but a close shave nevertheless;-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Games I play

a) Hide and Seek

Names I use interchangeably for this game
a) Peek-a-boo
b) Chuppa-Chuppi
c) Guddu Kahan Hai?

All I understand of this game is seeing the person and screeching and laughing loudly and then running in the opposite direction
I often tell Mamma to hide saying Mamma chuppo and if I can't find her by just running behind her I just stand making the hand gesture and saying Mamma Kahan hai
and then Mamma calls out and I find her and I feel extremely thrilled and sometimes say phir se and at other times I say "Guddu Chuppega" and run and then wait if Mamma is not right behind me- I basically want her to know where I am going right?
I mean what if she cannot find me ! And if Mamma pretends to be searching for me high and low though I am right in front of her - I promptly tell her "Guddu Ye raha !". I love this game. Its all abt screaming and laughing..right?

b)Catch Catch

Names I use
a) Catch
b) Pakado

Well I dunno why this is called by a different name -isn't is smthng similar to the peek-a-boo?I mean its similar with all the running and laugther and screaming
I love catching Arnav, Aarohi and Arsh. I guess Arnavs too fast for me so I often just give up!Off late I have figured that in the building lobby where mamma papa often run around the area to play with me, I can actually catch them faster if I run in the opposite direction
Its great fun to do this- I mean I have figured that what goes round comes round !! And shh... its much easier - that way they do all the running and I catch them easily !

c)Lip reading:
Also sometimes play a modified form called Secret!
Basically Mama tries to say smthng silently and I try to read what she is trying to say... Its good fun and I mostly figure out all familar words - sometimes I guess very quickly from the context! I mean if Mamma says "Atthai" then I am almost sure she will say Chennai next so sometimes even without seeing her lips I say Chennai !!
I love it better when Mamma murmurs in my ears . Its so ticklish and so damn funny !!I dunno yet how to tell a secret in the ear but because I know its a murmur - I often murmur meaninglessly !Mamma also uses these games when i read a book and tries to tell me what the picture is when I am unsure or guess incorrectly !

d) Pretend Play
This is smthng I really love !Gives me a chance to be in control of things and behave adultlike and ape the elders.
I make "Bhaiya" ( the ragged doll - why do we kids love the oldest and the most ragged of the dolls) sleep, make him clap hands, walk, jump,sit on a chair, do potty, scold him etc! I try changing his clothes also occasionally. I am often so involved in pretend play that I would rather say "Bhaiya ko susu aaa raha hai" when I would like to go or "Bhaiya ko Paani de do !"

e) Bat Ball

I can play this with just about anything - and in any manner. It all started when nanu nani got me the first bat ball. I then decided it was more fun to play bat ball by swapping ... so the minute i meet utsa or arshu, we swap bats and balls. Slowly I figured out that one can actually hit the ball wit the bat (was that supposed to be what bat and ball are meant for). Of course each kid has to play with a one ball and one bat- we do not play cricket like the way elders do - so no concept of some one throwing ball and other person hitting etc .We just throw it ourselves and then sweep it away just the way the jhadoo does. More often we all just carry our bat and ball and run behind someone else !
Now the second part of the fun starts - i play bat ball with the rolling pin and a small ball, with spoon and mustart seed / black pepper, with balloon stick and plastic pieces of other toys, with play-dough ball etc. etc.
Also mamma does not seem to understand how to hold the bat when I improvise on what the bat is- Mommy the broader part is the right side down and the other narrower portion to held !I often have to correct Mamma by saying Mamma Ulta - seedha Karo !

f) Slide/See Saw/Swing

I like swinging - the first few times, i couldnt sit, and fell off two three times. Then suddenly one fine day, i started sitting in swing myself. I sometimes ask mummy or pappa to sit and seat me on their lap, and swing me ... And sliding is some fun, provided someone puts me on top. Mummy pappa are making me climb the slide steps - i can do that, but the question is why , why should i put so much effort going up only to fall down the slide ...

g) Play dough

Names I use
a) dosa

I love pinching out little pieces and pretending I am making something !I also try to press it against the moulds and say ye dekho kya banaya ! Bunny or whatever .. But mostly I make my parents do the hard work of making something and let me tell you that they are pretty sad at it and they stick to the moulds instead of trying anything different or creative !

h) Imitation - the monkey ( and parrot business)

Well I love to repeat anything and everything irrespective of whether it makes any sense or not to me ! Also I love making faces that different folks make - I have a face a week that I pick and choose that I keep going for the week, making my parents a tad worried abt whether somethings amiss with my lips/eyes/nose etc !! I love the look on their face say when I pout or make a silly face !
Also I love remembering some characteristic sound/face/statement by various people and then keep repeating it oodd occasions ( like middle of the night /middle of lunch or any random time with no context) - saying"Pappu Uncle kaise kare hain" and then doing the action/sound/statement associated with that person. If I go wrong I correct myself saying " Sorry Pappu uncle nahin Sunaina aunty karti hain " or some such amazing statement !

Remember - Imitation is the best form of flattery !
i) Dandiya

I like playing the dandiya - basically twirling a stick of any dimension, and hitting it on some other stick of someone ... So i exchange bats and beat arshu's bat .. or i just beat two ladles in the kitchen ... calling out "dandiyaa re thathaa dandiyaa re"
I often use my bat/spoon etc for dandiya ! I have taught arshu also this and we often play this variation of using the bat instead of cricket or any such mundane stuff that adults try to teach us

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ulta Chor Kotwal ko Dante !! - Pearls of wisdom from Gabdu


Some pearls from you in your usual chatty times that are typically before sleep time

a) Mamma Guddu ko Tang kar Raha hai. Guddu Ro raha hai !! ( This is when you troubling mamma in resisting sleep and when Mamma is close to tears !)
b) Mamma - Guddu ko Calcium do ! ( To which Mamma says nahin kal lenge because you are close to falling asleep and though mamma has indeed forgotten to give you calcium, mamma can't just afford to let you get active again by giving switching full lights on and giving you an excuse to wake up. Moreover Mamma lazy to get up and get the calcium !!) So you promptly sit up when Mamma says "Kal Lenge" and say with a severe expression ! "Doctor Uncle Ne kya kaha tha - Mamma Guddu ko calcium do !!"
It was an amazing comic as well as embarassing moment for Mamma
c) Ankit Mammu had come over to see Aarushi didi and when he was leaving he was trying to put on his shoes standing .. so it was quite an effort. So you end up making an observation " Ankit Mammu Shoes pehen rahe hain ! Shoe tight ho raha hai !!"
d) Mamma is bathing you and because of your newfoud obsession with "Guddu Swimmming Karega" meaning wanting to sit and splash in the tub, Mamma ended up wet so Mamma says " Guddu dekho Mamma Gilu Gilu ( wet) ho gayi ! Aise Mat karo" You continue your splashing and say " Mamma dress badal lo"
e) Topping this list is the way you tell Pappa or Mamma angrily if we try to talk to each other esp in Tamil or English or actually even in Hindi.. you loudly interrupt us with a " Pappa Mamma ko Nahi Baat karo" Grammar completely wrong and yet conveying ur pt of " I am the center of attention and the world" emphatically !
f) Of course you don't let Pappa give you water/sit you on the potty and other such stuff saying Pappa "No" and hitting him. I feel sorry and jealous of him at the same time. You vehemently say "Mamma karegi !"

The list goes on but I think these are like top 6 !!


Monday, March 26, 2007

Dahi Kahan Gayan

you do come up with most hilarious interpretations of whatever we say or shud we say the "holes" in the way language is used are exposed with your interesting interpretations
I take you every morning at around 9 am for soaking up some sunlight both for you and me..So I told you the other day as I have said many other times " Chalo dhoop khatein hain Guddu"... so when you were refusing to come to the areas where the sunlight was ample, I said "Beta phir dhoop kaise khayenge ?" and you showed the eating action with all sounds to go with the eating :)

It was so funny that after that I think I let you play in the shade !

Today as we were having our dinner ... there was " Guddus Dahi" that Mamma was trying to feed you. So naturally there had to be "Papas dahi" and "Mammas dahi" also by induction. So you asked " Mama ka dahi kahan Gaya?" As I was already done with my food, I said " Mamma ka dahi peat mein gaya". After couple of minutes I found you pulling my top and looking in from the top standing next to me and Saying "Mamma ka dahi kahan Gaya? Peat mein Gaya" !! It was so hilarious to see you trying to find Dahi under my clothes near my stomach !

I can't remember other stuff right now but there have been so many such instances and you really bring a smile on our face even at the times when we are exasperated, most often by some naughty thing u've done !


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Home Alone ( With you ;-)

Dear Gabdu,

Mamma has quit her job end of Feb to spend some time with you. This happened after quite a bit of soul searching.
Now, let me tell you this before you jump to any conclusion, I am a confused person, and am not very clear on whether
I want to be a SAHM or a mother who also works outside home. I guess I want to be everything but then the hours and capability is limited
However, the thought process that went behind this decision ( which might itself change depending on how things go..)
a) I feel I have a good 30+ years ahead of me to work, so I feel in this long stretch, 3-4 year break shud not hurt "career" or whatever I think of it.I feel I do not want to get old and then feel that all I've missed out on small moments of your growing up. I do not want to live these moments later say with my grankids because we really dunno what lies ahead
b) I feel that as a parent its my duty to take care of you and its the grandparents privilege to enjoy playing with you without becoming encumbered with the responsibility of taking care of you full time. They've brought up their respective kids and now its our turn. The least we can give back to them is to take care of our kids. That being said, I am blessed with in laws and parents who are ready to support me even if I feel I cannot manage at home and need to get back to work
c) Also somewhere deep down I feel I am anyways not giving my fullest attention to either career or family while working - so anyways I am slowing down my career, so why not take a break and concentrate on one thing at a time
d) I needed a break to think abt how we going to work out things going fwd. I mean it cannot go on like this right, both mamma and papa working outside home, grandparents and say maids to help at home. So need to I guess sit back and think of how to strike a balance such that I can spend enough time with you and also do something constructive and have something of a so called "career"

Now that I've spent abt 2 weeks after Nannu Nani left for Noida all alone during the day with you at home, I really admire SAHMs for their patience. At least at work you get to eat your lunch peacefully ;-) and take breaks. Here there is no concept of a "break". Your sleep is so pathetic that I cannot even think of a nap, and moreover I have other things to finish off when you are asleep. If I try to read the paper, you tell me "Mamma paper Mat padho" and if I don't comply I could soon have pieces of the paper to put together to read in addition to having to calm a screaming baby.
Also, it is extremely difficult to keep you occupied and engaged with stuff when at home. We go down thrice a day to play so that leaves abt 6 hrs or so of play time at home and its really difficult to keep thinking of new stuff. You need new stuff and so does Mamma because though you could at times be engaged in repeat reads and plays ( for 1000 times also!), its sometimes plain boring for Mamma
Mamma plans to start doing crafts with you...Also the luxury of talking to friends is gone...even on the phone ! You want to hold the phone and talk to whoever is on the other end and its embarassing to tell friends who often call long distance to talk to you for sometime and then hardly talk myself and hang up saying I'll call later .

One of my friends asked me the other day - so hows Gabdu feeling now with you at home. Frankly speaking I don't think it makes too much of a diff to you. You pbbly were happier with Thatha/Patti, Nannu/Nani as you got to see many more people around !But yes it does make a diff to me. I feel satisfied that I am able to spend good time with you, see your antics and activities and also not be "dependent" on anyone else to take care of you

Despite all that I've said above, I can say that I am in two minds ... may be its easier to have someone help and take care of you. May be its better for everybody- you me and everybody else. Not sure ...Also I am considering getting a maid for say 8-10 hrs so that you have someone else to play with too.Why I am procrastinating on that I am unsure... pbbly unfounded fears of getting dependant on a maid, not giving you enuff time because there would be someone else to take care of you and general distrust abt the way maids handle kids
But I am seriously considering 4 hrs a day work from home option and if that needs to work, I will need some help. I dunno if I am just being a control freak by not letting cooks and maids for you in the house yet

So the upshot is - I am unclear, confused as always abt plan ahead but as of now I am happy I am with you and not regretting being at home despite having sudden panic attacks during the day abt " what am I going to do?"

Will write you a less muddled letter some other time but for now this is what I am feeling...

And actually this is when the "break" feeling is not fully there ... its just like a vacation as of now


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Big Boss

Could not resist putting down the kind of control freak you are and recording the kind of details you observe and make us comply with after reading this post from Madmomma . As I try to recollect all the stuff you control us on .. lemme start with the beginning of the day to the night

a) As Papa gets ready for office and wears his full-sleeved shirt while still donning his boxers, you scream papa "pnyjama" ( your term for Pants and a gabduspeak for pyjama) and cry if he delays it even by a second. Ideally you would want him to remove his home wear and don office clothes all simultaneously. You do the same as Mamma gets ready... and god forbid if Mamma decides to wear her night pyjamas below a office kurta !If you change you change all else leave it as is. Once Papa ready you start waving bye and telling him shoe and drop his bag from the deewan and tell him to take it ... And as if thats not enuff you say bye, give a flying kiss and then go ahead and bang the door on his face if his taking too long at the door and not proceeding to work ! Ditto for Mamma ... and Dupatta ! Man ! I've never seen anyone so passionate abt the dupatta .. I can not even try wearing and walking around in a salwar kameez without the dupatta on. You search thru all rooms/all clothes that you have access to /high and low and find Mammas dupatta and give it to her and make her wear it. And to add insult to injury, you say "Mamma dupatta theek se" if the dupatta is sliding off one side or is not sitting right on the shoulders esp when we in the car ! Its so annoying dear ... I mean I dunno where you've picked it from because no one in the house speaks so .. but yes I have to admit that Mamma also has such OCDs abt doing things a certain way, keeping things in the right place etc !Is the genes or is it just something that all toddlers do, I wonder ! Reading Madmommas post and comments, seems like toddlers use this as their weapon against we control-freak mommies who tell them eat this, do that, sit there, don't do that, wash your hands etc etc :))). Nani has a good laugh when she hears you control mamma .. says things come a full circle and that theres more fun to come :-)( Ah ! How I wish I had not troubled Nani so much and how wish that i wud stop doing it at least now)

b) You piddle and for some reason if we do not realise we suddenly find you running for the pocha and trying to clean it yourself !! This is your way of telling us we getting lazy. No delay allowed in such matters !

c) When Papa tries to put you to sleep you tell him "kandhe pe lo " , "Papa Uttho" "Papa Adu Godi" "Papa Bhaito" and so on in no predictable order, making him go thru rigourous exercise regimen as designed by you !

d) When Mamma tries to sing to you various rhymes and songs as she puts you to sleep .. You wud quickly change tracks in random order and insist we sing one two lines of that song before you decide you want another one !So it wud go smthng like "Brown girls Tralalala" ..and then " Ringa Ringa" and then "Namo Namo" and then suddenly "Dosai Maav Dosai .." and "Crazy Kiya Re" ... "Tic Tac Toe .. " and "Sa Sa Sare !" .. All languages /all types ... you decide the tracks ..you are the DJ of the music that puts you to sleep !!

e) Clothes !! Oh .. don't even get me started on this ! In short for past few weeks its been exasperating !You have some idea formed in your head of matching pairs of full sleeve tees and pyjamas !( not necessarily colour coordinated but actually stuff that goes well with each other) based on what Mamma has put on for you in the past. However in the winter given the number of clothes to be washed and dried there are missing pairs very often and like every elder, i occasionally think - how does it matter - baccha kuch bhi pehen ke ja sakta hai .. Man ! What a tussle it is and needless to say we know who wins always .. YOU !! As Mamma tries to forcibly put on one leg into the pyjama you skilfully wrestle out the other one ..making it impossible to force or decide for you ...

f) If theres a deal in feeding you like "Ek Chammach Dahi .. Ek Chammach Dal.. Ek Gassa Roti " .. well who wud think a toddler wud notice as you slime in 2 gassas of roti in between in a bid to hasten the feeding process .. but no !You scream murder and purse your lips and say Mamma Dal or Dahi or whatever your favorite item is ..You can twist the terms of the deal to your liking but no one else !

g) Yesterday Nani said lets make pasta just like that in the evening and then decided against it. But well who could change things once you've heard them . You refused to have anything else and insisted Nani make pasta and Nani had to make it despite the fact that she was not very familiar with the steps !

h) You pick up tiniest particles lying around and head for the dustbin !Also if you happen to dribble milk or any food item and it dirties your dress or floor .. you tell Mamma .. " Mamma kerchief Saafi Saafi !"

Oh my god !! WHat a Control freak and dictator I have as a daughter.. so much so that we often forget who is the parent !

Thursday, February 08, 2007


We were giving you Shelcal ( the calcium syrup the doc has prescribed for you) last evening. There was a picture of a mom holding her son on her hip. So you said "Baby Mamma ki Godi mein" and stopped .. so I prodded you " Baby Mamma ki Godi mein kya kar raha hai?" You looked at me - and thought hard and said " Baby Mamma ki Godi mein Adu Godi kar raha hai !" Now Adu is a word that you've used for Godi since you were one and now that u've learnt Godi also, you typically ask us to do "Adu Godi" which is essentially pick me up.It was so funny to hear you say " Baby Mamma ki Godi mein Adu Godi kar raha hai" for the lack of better options to express yourself !You sure know how to get out of a spot don't you?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Need to let the Sun Shine upon you

Dear Gabdu,

I am rather ashamed to tell you that this week when we visited the doc for your MMR vaccine, he did a complete checkup and asked me in a rather strict and unapproving tone whether or not I had given you the calcium dose and vit D he had prescribed in Sept. I had not :( because you kept falling sick of and on and everytime I wud ask the doc, he wud say start it after the child gets ok. Bad excuse I know :( and so I am unable to come to terms with the fact that I did not pay enuff attention to it . Imagine my horror when he said your fontanelle had not closed and you had open wrists .. not that I knew exactly what that meant but I knew that I had screwed up :(. I asked him what it meant and he said .."Calcium deficiency - can cause Rickets "actually he did not even say a full sentence - he looked disapprovingly and said "Rickets" like I mean how could you educated folks not know abt it :(( . Frankly speaking it never crossed my mind that I need to take care of your mineral/vitamin requirements and that deficiency cud happen at any strata of the society. I associated the deficiencies with malnourished kids and I know I am wrong abt it :(. Anyways thankfully the doc told us abt the fact that there is a calcium deficiency and so I have started on regular doses of Calcium and every morning Nanu takes you downstairs for playing for abt an hr. I overlooked the important factor of sunlight and though all ur grandparents stressed on it, we kinda did not pay much attention to it. Anyways I am praying and hoping that with this, the deficiency goes away and everything is fine . Also read abt the fact that when child breastfed and mother does not get enuff sunlight( Vit D) that could also cause a deficiency .. so need to make it a pt for us elders also to spend some good time in sunlight. I mean come to think of it even mama papa hardly get any sunlight :(
I hope everything turns out fine and I am really sorry I omitted taking care of these things and i hope anyone reading this will also ensure they and their children get enuff sunlight


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mums the wor(l)d

Gabdu has started for some strange reason calling her Nani Mumma, Mummy and all the other variations of Mum occasionally. Ok .. not a strange reason but pbbly because I call Nani "Mummy" and so she has made the association. I am amazed that I actually felt jealous that she was doing this or may be jealous is the wrong word - shud I say possessive of my title of mummy ! Its just a name and shud not matter and yet somewhere deep down I wished she wud not do that ;-). I kept correcting and telling her that she is Nani ...;-) .The title is just a very tiny bit of the experience of motherhood and yet I feel the word wraps around it a zillion emotions and so I cling on to it possessively demanding that it be only my right to be called so .. Wonder how our moms feel when we start calling our MILs by that name ...and yet they tell us to address them that way ...In fact I cannot forget how difficult it was for me to call my MIL mummy .. I felt strange and felt robbed of my mother ..I cud not bring myself to call her mummy.. Even now though its been 5 years .. I still find it difficult to call my MIL mummy when my moms around because to me my mothers just one ! Hmmm .. wonder how I will handle gabdu calling her MIL mummy years later ...

I dunno if I am being stupid and over sensitive but I really kinda like the indispensability of me being mommy ..which I know is not fair to her yet I love it when I am the one who gets showered with kisses and hugs rather than say pappa. I am the one she comes to when she is sleepy, cranky and basically in need of anything. Thats a unique status. Of course this comes with its own negatives - expect to be required merely in the background when she is busy playing with her thatha, patti, nanu, nani,atthai etc but dare you move away from the room - u get caught and have a toddler crying as if you have beaten her up, your entry into the house is often met with crying rather than the happy reception accorded to papa ... Those are the times you sometimes wish you cud loan that title out to someone -or may be not ;-)

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Crush(ing)News :-))

Dear Guddams:
Lots of things happening in your life
New words, new sentences (full ones) ... and new friends ... well not exactly ..
It is a commonly known fact that you have found your crush - your first crush .. Arsh ...
Well, it is like this - when you see him, you run to him and are ready to play with him. You run with him, scream and screech, and have a good time.
The other day, you were sitting in the lobby of the neighbouring building- and refused to budge from your seat even when mamma pappa were pleading with you to play with them. Then came Arsh. He came on his cycle - the moment he saw you, he jumped off his cycle, while it was not yet stationery. And you jumped off from the chair - seeing him, you could not wait a minute. Then he came and took your bat and ball, so you went to his maid and took his bat and ball, and then the two of you took off, running and playing with each other.
You play with no other kiddie than Arsh and he plays with noone but you. And you guys get along really well ..
Mamma pappa are sure this relationship is just going to take off !!!
Love pappa

When Words became sentences ...

Dear Laddu,

You have started making such interesting sentences that well .. it makes us feel so amazed ..
Every parent must be seeing this happen and yet each i am sure finds it so amazing .. the process of the infant who could only cry to communicate to one who could pt and make wild gesterures for to a toddler who could say words to finally a toddler who could speak full blown sentences and recite rhymes !! Truly amazing.. Amazing the way kids of your age pick up language by just hearing stuff in context ..
You now say things like to cite a few examples

a) Duddhu peena hai
b) Thatha Patti dadar gaye
c) Patti kaise sulati hai? ( Question you pose to urself - followed by an answer) Patti Namo Namo gake sulati hai
d) Khujli - Macchar ne Katta

You recite the rhyme
a) Are you sleepy brother john almost fully
b) Nila Nila Va va
c) All the answer pieces of Johnny Johnny ..Yes papa ..
d) Round and Round the garden like a teddy bear !!
e) Chanda Mama Door ke ( This one you almost sing with the tune !!)

Wonderful phase .. its like music to hear you and at the same time spells trouble 'cos you can repeat any sentence we say clearly and sometimes a private conversation that Mamma Papa think they are having may become public ;-))


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tit Bits :-)

Dear Gabdu,

The topmost thing on mammas mind is accomplishing night time weaning and getting down to max of 2 regulated feedings ( by regulated i mean quick and continuous 10-15 minute nursing session as opposed to how it is now with u taking breaks and coming back at ur ease and screaming murder if Mamma asks if u are done and she can shut shop :-)), a day.
As I sit thinking abt it, I am looking back fondly on the nursing sessions we have had in the past. Abt how you literally do a joy of dance if Mamma says Chalo Beta when you say "Diddhu" in ur cute baby voice with a question mark.You hold Mamma and lead her to the bedroom these days and say leti leti and do a "Hu Ha Hu Ha " with a naughty and happy glint in ur eyes if Mamma complies with ur wishes. And everytime Mamma asks u " Duddhu Bas?" you look up while drinking and briefly disengage and demand "Aur Chahiye " with all the "its my birthright" tone .. and then continue without waiting for my response...And if Pappa dares says "Guddu Duddhu Bas - papa Godi?" to start his process of putting you to sleep you kick him so badly - that ouch it hurts badly ( when U laugh;-))). Even his presence anywhere close by spells danger to you and you think his sole purpose is to take you away from ur milk ! You give him glares and often kick him very hard with the slightest hint of him opening his mouth assuming he is gonna try to disengage you. And sometimes , if and only if you decide ( YOU are the supreme authority) you will say "Mamma Bas" and then as if to ask Mamma to hurry up if Mama is continuing to lie down without shutting shop as we call it, you say "Bandh Kar Lo !".And you have learnt to say this side that side and flip your back and wait eagerly on the other side for Mamma !

And I also remember the number of times you have bitten me and when mamma said "No biting" you often did not understand said "No biting " and continued and when Mamma said Ouch you realised the pain and wud start wailing loudly saying "Mammma no biting" !! And when Mamma is in pain for any reason and Mamma asks you to disengage saying "Beta Nikalo" you promptly do that which is sooo sweet and understanding !

Hmm ... so feeding you has given me fond memories for life but at the same time I have many back breaking tales also which I wud reserve for some other letter to you


Parenting Choices & Dilemmas

Putting down some dilemmas and confusions and many of the disagreements say between me and my mom ( She feels I pbbly go too much by a rule book !)

Let the child taste variety of stuff - junk/chocolates/tea/sweets and so on
Ensure child has milk without sugar, don't let them taste tea or chocs 'cos they cud take to it - hoping that this is the mantra to ensure lifelong healthy food habits -

but the question if they can't eat now when can they? .... ? Tough Choices

Let the child co sleep and feed at will until he or she self weans, don't let them cry ever


Let them cry a little and so get them into the good habit of not feeding in the night which works well for everybody - better sleep for mother and child

Travel if u need to with the child , and let the schedules for sleeping etc go out of the window for a temporary period when you do this and don't worry as its just once in a while ...


Travel almost negligible as kiddo sleep getting affected and schedule of eating/playing also not kept

Wash every toy tonnes of time everytime it touches the floor


Wash occasionally when they are dirty and leave the rest to be taken care of by the improved immune system that is happening as they are at it

Boil water and keep separate spoons and utensils for the child that rewash everytime before you use it even if they are already washed


Let the child start having the aquaguard water all of you have...

Let the child try out shutting the closet and reopening and try to see the electrical switches that have been duly covered by putting on and off


Don't let ur child anywhere near anything even remotely dangerous and keep an eye all the time- every second .. don't let them play in the sand as they cud get infected ... and so on ...



No diapers

Let them without their underwear for sometime


Let them be free for sometime at least as the grandparents say

TV - strictly no


Ok to use while feeding or ok for a short while

I could go on and on with the choices . I am not saying I have chosen one or the other in all these choices but don't you agree it often becomes difficult to make some choices and decide which end and exactly where on the spectrum you want to be given that there are as many opinions as the number of people and the feeling of gingerly holding responsibility of shaping a childs future always at the back of your mind ...

What are the choices you are still unclear on and keep changing .. what are the non-negotiable ones - do let me know in case you drop by

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Higher Emotional Sensitivity?

Dear Guddams,

I guess kids of your age have not only a higher attention to detail and more observation but also higher emotional sensitivity. How else would one explain how easily you have grasped please and sorry ? How else would one explain the hugs I get from you and a gentle tap with a worried face asking me "Kya Hua Mamma"?
Nani was mentioning how you came to Nanu Nani and said Sorry Nanu Sorry Nani umpteen number of times and they were like its ok beta but what happened only to discover minutes later that you had dropped their ironed clothes that were to be worn for a reception on the floor !! Amazing grasp of the concept of sorry !
Mamma is trying to cut down on the night time feeds for the better interests of both of us and early last morning when I said no "Duddhu Bas", you said "Please Mamma" and melted my heart and got what you wanted ...
Nanu Nani got you a small pencil box to keep your color pencils that you have started scribbling in and you spent some time figuring out what it was and played and then suddenly said Nanu thank you !!
We saw this puppy at Bhandardhara and you said Mummy and cried and kept crying even as I held you and looked at the puppy and said Mamma Mamma - which I interpret as your realisation that the puppys mamma was nowhere to be seen
Patti was off to board the local train on July 7th - day of the blasts in local trains -when papa messaged mamma abt the incident and so Mamma tried frantically to reach Patti and then put on the television that showed the people crying etc while papa headed to the station to get Patti back - you wailed and wailed as the images on the screen flashed across - guess they were disturbing and you sensed the tension that was going on in mamma and papas minds .
You are the first one to feel Mammas mood changes and look and ask "Kya Hua " and the worried look on your face is amazing ! Of course there are times when we pretend to cry and u seem to understand and insist we do it again and again and laugh!
You sense the tension if papa and mamma have any arguments and well that kind of ensures our arguments are short because we can see you disturbed !
When Mamma walked away from the bedroom the other day to leave you to be put to sleep by papa but instead of wishing both of u good night or silently walking away , said "Good Night honey" ( to papa) and you cried loudly waving and saying good night honey to show your displeasure at being ignored !
Its amazing to see this and see how you grasp all these intangible concepts ..
How I wish all of us retained this till date and were not as insensitive as we are to various things that happen around us
Wishing you retain your senstivity/sixth sense/understanding or for the lack of better words whatever this is forever even as you grow up

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What would this make mamma ?

Taking up i2w tag-a very interesting one - I have taken a slightly humorous take on this and i guess speaks volumes abt my current state of mind :)

If I were an animal/ bird: A sparrow- small,active, able to fly and yet commonplace and bird-next-door types :)
If I were a vehicle: Bicycle (Gents ;-)- needing pump to fill air regularly ( or shud I say boost my ego), needing the right balance and effort to manouvere,needing enough effort to mount ( and if wrongly executed injuring the rider badly)
If I were a comic character: Hobbes :) Visible only to some ( Calvin) and so party to all the mischief and yet escaping punishment:-)
If I were a city: Calcutta- sleepy and unshakeable( from its slumber). Take it or leave it attitudeIf I were an art form : Painting - Open to interpretation and often admired without being understood :)
If I were a colour: Red - Bold, Assertive and Calling for attention ;-)
If I were a filmstar: Shahrukh - Popular, Witty and Sarcastic despite being slightly ugly and stammering my way thru interviews - shows the confidence :-)
If I were a vegetable: Karela (BitterGourd) - Selectively liked, Good for health despite the taste - appearances and experience with taste buds all deceptive - does real good to the system :-))
If I were a fabric: Cotton - Needing the ironing out ones in a while ;-)
If I were a gizmo: A waterproof watch - Strapped firmly to the user, and needing to be looked at and checked every now and then ;-))

Edited to Add : oopsie I guess I did not read the purpose of this tag and I copied ArtNavys If I were a.. thinking we were to complete each - nevermind - will put down my true style ( which is often none) soon again

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why Do You Breastfeed?

Why Do I breastfeed?
Time and again, friends and family have said various things abt continuing/discontinuing breastfeeding. Most people think the importance I attach to it is unnecessary and Nani thinks its become a little bit of an inconvinience for her daugther. Well I have been breastfeeding till now - ( Gabdu is almost 18 months old) and now its down to 2 -3 feeds in the day ( one in morn and one in late eve) and multiple comfort feeds in the night. I know I need to get the night weaning going soon - not because I think its wrong/or right but just because I feel both me and Gabdumms as well as papa need better sleep and I think it will help to night wean and only feed her first thing in the morn and last thing in the night. But as I get the process going for weaning in general by the time she is 2 years old, I feel the need to put down reasons why I breastfeed and the reasons that don't really figure in my list of why I do breastfeed
1. The foremost reason I have been breastfeeding is not because of all the gyaan on whether it makes the IQ of the kid better or how harmful formula is but because I believe that if breasts do produce milk they must do so for a good reason and I believe that nature shows us the way. All mammals feed their kids so why not human beings2. Because it gives me alone time with my daughter cuddling and being with her. So I just love doing it.. Being a working mother this is my opportunity for some me time with my daugther. I love the way her face lights up when I am ready to feed her "Leti Leti kar ke". How can I deny her smthng that makes her feel so thrilled !
The reasons that do not really contribute to my strong inclination to breastfeed but nevertheless are good brownie pts for breastfeeding
a) Its easy- less sterilisation and less headaches of packing n bottles on a trip.b) Its quick comfort for my daughter when she is in pain or angry or just plain needing mammac) It has helped me loose my post pregnancy weight pretty quickly
Anyways I do plan to wean by 2 years for primarily my own conveniece and I do not in any way look down upon anyone who does not breastfeed, breastfeeds for longer time or for that matter shorter ... i think each mom does whats best for her kids and family and its best to leave decisions to the mommy 'cos mommy knows best

Monday, January 15, 2007

I can take my shoes out

Well, for the past two days you have mastered the art of removing your shoes on your own..which is oh so cute but also is exasperating because I cannot make you walk no matter what because you simply remove your shoes on the way and just look at me and I have no choice but to carry you as I cannot imagine letting you walk barefeet ! Actually may be I shud let you ! Smartie pants that you are !

The other major milestone I think we are gonna hit very soon is potty training 'cos you promptly remove your undies or at least attempt when you need to go and then go on the floor ( I am talking abt potty here !) and as one lump touches the floor you stand and move to another place and squat while instructing mamma to "Saaf karo" . And did i mention we do have a potty where you could sit comfortably and go abt ur business ! Anyways its good to see you be aware of whats happening but I do dread being on the road - i mean imagine if you insist on taking off ur undies/diapers in public and going !!! :))

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More milestones

Quick updates starting what you've learnt starting say Nov beginning(15-16 months)
a) you are easily able to extend your arms out of the arm holes of your clothes making it easier for all of us to dress you
b) You have begun to sometimes kind of sleep on your own ie if we give around an hr to blabber and climb all over us, with dim lights and mamma and papa lying next to you. In any case overall its much easier to put you to sleep as you sleep readily putting your head on shoulders of the person putting you to sleep. The memories of sit ups and much tougher times are fast fading away making a tough day when you refuse to sleep seem tougher.
c) You can technically drink off from a tumbler/glass/katori on your own but of course we don't let you do it too often as you promptly wet yourself
d) I've moved you to the sippy cup for milk too and there was practically no struggle theree) You can lift some food with the spoon but to feed others and not urself :)
f) Scribbling/Writing/Drawing has begun starting Nov. You have your own colour pencils and a book where you scribble and also ask people to draw various objects and subjects for youg)You speak the language quite well now- I mean sentences like Nanu Nani Aa gaye !! , Papa ka Pant ( grammatically incorrect:) , Guddu ka Bottle, Aur Chahiye, Woh Wala, Yeh Wala etc etc . You surprise us because most usages were never taught to you but you've just picked them up hearing others speakh) You hold the bat so well for batting ! its a diff issue that it hardly ever touches the ball
i) Running quite fast
j) Learning to Jump - almost
k) Starting Dec mid - you slide on the slide quite okayly, Finally hold the swing and are climbing the stairs ( crawling up) and have figured to some extent how to get down stairs too
This is like a long list but I think there are other milestones I've missed out, but will update those laterI need to be a little more regular in recording the happenings so that I can fondly look back on them without loss of detail :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Well dear, Wish you a great year ahead and I hope its a great year ahead for us as a family. I think the year that went by was definitely a very happening,significant and happy year for us and most of it was because of you.Of course there were sleepless nights, hospital trips and meltdowns due to your quick temper( and mammas to match yours and make matters worse) and high needs but then there were milestones, growing together and watching you learn to communicate in a language we understood ! Well dear thanks for making our day every day of the last year and hope you do so in the years to come toBecause you happen to be wee bit small to make new year resolutions, here are a few I think you shud have
a) Stop being such a tantrum thrower ( if theres such a usage :))b) Stop being obsessed with Mammas milk and get weaned off completely by the time you are 2c) Stop being so stubborn and do my own thing person. Be stubborn abt doing what mamma tells you to will u?d) Sleep better or shud I say sleep ( and thru the night?). Also sleep on ur own without like a prolonged session that is makes me pull out my hair every single day?e) Continue to amaze us with what you can learn and how you love us unconditionallyWell , I've run out of stuff and so might as well spend some time making and breaking some resolutions for myselfSo heres wishing you a very happy new year yet againluvMumma

Monday, December 18, 2006

Talkathon Candidate:

Well kiddo I can see you participating in such events from whatever age you are legally allowed to do so :)Read in the papers that the average number of words women speak is 20,000 and the men about 7,000. Well seems like kids can surpass these and need to be given a separate category !You love to talk esp in front of other folks. And in the past two months you've picked up so many usages of the spoken language that well to put in short, its amazing !Previously it used to be one word or max two words in combination. And mostly nouns that we had taught you specifically. Now you pick up almost anything we speak and not only do u repeat it promptly in part or full, you internalize it too ! And end up using it in some context again! We need to be really careful abt what we speak and the language we use for anything we speak abtBut thankfully you've graduated from being an intensely negative person to a balanced one - lest you get angry abt how I look at u, lemme explain ! You were till may be oct primarily using nahi no etc for vehemently saying no when u wanted to and a vigorous nod when you wanted something. Now you say yes and no very clearly. You are able to communicate quite clearly. Its not yet fully formed sentences but mamma gets to know what happened during the day quite well from the conversation we have in the evening. Now if thats not communicating, what is ?The other day I asked you " Kaun kaun mila tha neeche khelne ke liye" you said "Mukund Shriya" the names of two toddlers a little younger than you. So I asked what Mukund and Shriya were doing. You said Walky Walky ( which means walking in ur language). I asked patti whether Mukund and Shriya had started walking ! She said yes ..Amazing isn't it !You know so many animals from their pics that it amazes me ! Panda, Kangaroo and pata nahi kya kya ! I can distinguish a Kangaroo and a dog and your dads taught you Okapi ! Now did u know thats an animal ! I didn't ! And to worsen matters he promises to show you Okapi in his kiddy book and gets u so desperate to see it that mamma has to frantically turn pages to find the darn animal she's never heard abt !You know two three words of most rhymes and can identify the page of the book they come on and in fact for some you know even the full line " Ringa Ringa roses !" and if prompted you continue tooIdhar, Udhar , yahaan , Wahaan , lo , do etc I thought were difficult words ( in terms of concepts) but you seem to be quite familar with them !You say stuff like Paani gir gaya ! Papa Office Gaya and pata nahi kya kya !And the best part is the hand action that goes with stuff like "Clip Kahan Gaya ?" you shake your hands so cutely. Also in the morn when you wake up and walk to the kitchen and don't find mamma there you put out both ur hands indicating where and its so cute !You've got a cap fetish as of now .. cappie or cap as you call it depending on ur mood . Its good for us as winter is in and we'd better keep u warm when you go downstairs Hmmm .. I've got sooo much to update on the so many amazing things u are upto but I guess I will continue laterAnd yes you do amzing dance moves now ... Sitting all the way down twisting as you move down and moving ur hands and then slowly twisting again and standing !And in between all these amazing growing up stuff mamma wonders why you refusing to grow beyond a 1 month old in the sleep department !!. It kind of averages out stuff does it not?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sums up what I am feeling now

Here are two quotes from articles from some blogs/or net - I forget the links that are so apt and exact in mirroring what I feel strongly at this pt in time

a) Parenting is a privilege not a sacrifice

b) Be involved in your work ( ie office work), and attached to your home.- Sums up the professional/personal life balance quite well don't you think so

Gabdu, my letters to you have not happened for a while now due to the thoughts that have been wreaking havoc in my mind :). Finally I however have made up my mind and there is much less of restlessness and uncertainity now that I know what I am doing ...and all I want to tell you till I elaborate more on this is that what I am going to do going fwd is my own decision, and its not for you but for my own happiness ( See you've got proof to ensure I do not land the blame on you later :)


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Brave girls and copycats

Dear guddams:

Last week you were not well - doc told us it could be pneumonia. Mamma and pappa admit that you were really brave. You had medicines like some Expectorent even though it tasted awful. You did not crib when the X Ray was taken with you standing - I dont know why the Lab guy made you lie down , and upset you in the process, when mamma pappa told him he could take X Ray with you standing. You took Crocin even though it tasted sickeningly sweet. You really were a darling, you lost all your edge on Monday and Tuesday, but from Wednesday, with fever down you were quite cheerful ...

On Sunday, before the illness came in, pappa saw you and your boy-friend (Arsh) cavort. It was too cute. First of all, when Arsh saw you, he came and greeted you with a smile. Then, you attacked his cycle and pulled out his bat and ball. When he protested you refused to ghive it to him, and if he snatched it, you created a ruckus. His maid gave him a ball for himself, which if he dropped you picked up and gave to him. And when you jumped and ran around, Arsh imitated you. When you screamed, so did he and when you babbled, he repeated what you babbled. When he sat on a chair, you also went to sit on the chair.You guys had a great time together - really made for each other ...


Monday, November 13, 2006


Heres a nice fwd I saw in my mailbox a couple of days back. I can more than agree with most of these pts !
What changes when you have a baby? A better question may be: What doesn't change? Read mom Rebecca Woolf's list of post-baby differences:
1. You look at your baby in the mirror instead of yourself.
2. You finally stop to smell the roses, because your baby is in your arms. ( Ok I have not smelt roses yet but yes I've seen the birdies & the puppies)
3. Where you once believed you were fearless, you now find yourself afraid.
4. You're less self-involved and more self-motivated.
5. The sacrifices you thought you made to have a child no longer seem like sacrifices.
6. You respect your body ... finally. (Hooray for baby-making!)
7. You have stronger opinions and are stronger willed.
8. You respect your parents and love them in a new way. (Hooray for grandparents!)
9. You find that your baby's pain feels much worse than your own.
10. You believe once again in the things you believed in as a child. (Hooray for the tooth fairy!)11. You lose touch with the people in your life that you should have banished years ago. ( well at least you stop caring abt how someone wud feel hurt if you don't call them & wish them on their birthday !)
12. Your heart breaks much more easily.
13. You think of your baby 234,836,178,976 times a day. In fact, you're so busy with this that you forget everything else.
14. Every day is a surprise.
15. Bodily functions are no longer repulsive. In fact, they please you. (Hooray for poop!)
16. You think before you speak.
17. You become a morning person. (Hooray for watching the sun rise!)
18. If you have a son, you no longer curse men. (Hooray for all men!).. ( Well dunno abt this one !)
19. If you have a daughter, you hope she won't endure your same heartaches
.20. Your love becomes limitless, a superhuman power.